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About Us

'If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room.' – Dalai Lama 

In 2020, 4912 suicides were registered in England, and the number of cases for mental health issues is exponentially rising, especially with the impact of the Covid pandemic (Samaritans, 2020). The intrusion of technology in our lifestyle negatively affects many people, especially amongst youth. In response, we would like create an Educational Theatre accessible to everyone. Where the narrative is shared amongst group  experiencing theatre as an educational tool to develop emotional intelligence and educate audience about the dynamics of the Self.

To have a peaceful world we need to start from the Self. 

Our Mission

Never before have we been overwhelmed by information and knowledge. The experience of this new lifestyle that is all filtered by screens, and we are not physically experiencing our reality anymore. Our life behind a screen is not a complete human experience; we imagine living without experiencing life in the body, which doesn't let us taste the real meaning of life. As much as the use of technology is helping us to progress in the way we communicate with each other, its abuse is creating a detachment from the person and an emotional experience of living (Philo and Glasgow University Media Group 1996). Suddenly, the absurdists' paradoxes staging last century are becoming the new normal, taking humanity questioning the meaning of life once again. 


The need to look further into what life means is becoming an absurd consequence of an economic and political system that blind itself in the name of exponential growth that doesn't take any progressive steps into our societies, into humanity (Azhar, 2021). As evidenced in this discussion, Psychomagic Theatre can open the possibility of changing the inner vision that affects thinking and exploring feelings in a Zen sense. A gesture may help to rediscover what life means on a deeper understanding. It could be possible to educate future generations on the importance of knowing emotions and how they function in life and in our relationships. I would argue that the importance of experiencing and being aware in our body of the emotional vibration is a necessary fundamental journey that we have to take if we want to avoid a Mental health pandemic. We aim to create a Psychomagic Theatre to promote Emotional Education. Without emotions, without real experiences in the body, healthy relationships, healthy food, air and water, and Nature at the basis of who we are, there is no future. Love is the answer.

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