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From our physical wellbeing to our mental health, soil takes care of us in every way.


So shouldn’t we also come together to #SaveSoil from extinction and restore its health?

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Theatre Academy for Spiritual Seekers

This Academy aims to provide an educational experience that stimulates and nurtures individual creative talent, inclusiveness, innovation and emotional intelligence. 

We aim on developing performances to support the prevention of Mental Health pandemic and equip the audience with intellectual, analytical, practical, philosophical and psychological notions to facilitate understanding of inner reality. 


Using psychomagic principles, we will create narratives on stage in search of redefining our imagination, the meaning of common sense and empowering people in life's journey. 

We will search to re-educate ourselves in search of peaceful and joyful narratives. 


To have a peaceful world, we need to start within the Self.


If you want to know more about my research Download the pdf

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