Laura Colamonaco

Artist & Creative Coach

Originally from Italy, I studied Fashion Design at Marcello Dudovich Institute of Milan and later on pursued a corporate career in Human Resources (CIPD qualified in 2011). In 2014, after a long and successful career, I went through a personal crisis that leads me to choose a new career path. Arts and Human Development have always been my biggest passions and at that time I started wondering how I could use my skills, knowledge, and expertise to help people to perform better in their reality.


In November 2014 I founded The Fun Side of the Moon and began self-funded research based on Jungian’s Approach on the role of images into human development. 


Every image tells a story, every colour express emotions and feelings hidden within the Unconscious, the goal is to make those messages Consciousness to achieve a well functioning Human Being.

In my Artwork, I love to create images reproducing what it has been impressed in my memory and use various techniques to re-balance my emotional sense of reality.


Creating Art means for me creating a symbolic and meaningful object that allows reviewing my thinking and give me space to build a constructive attitude toward challenges.


Combining Meditation, Psychology Studies and Art practice helps me to open self-reflective space at the best of its potential. The programmes I design aim at opening the same space for people who participate, helping them to become aware of their individual sensibility and build resilience. 


My Reflective Courses are available online on my website or on request classroom delivery for Community Centre, Charities, Training Providers, Local Groups, Organisations, and Individuals.

My favourite quote: “If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito in the room"

cit. Lhamo Dondrub ( Dalai Lama )