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Creative Identity -The Art of Entrepreneurship

Creative Identity

The Art of Entrepreneurship

This coaching book is the result of the fantastic time spent with my Learners from UK Job Centre. The programme explores the entrepreneurial spirit and boosts confidence with creativity for those who are embracing the journey of changing career and possibly going into Self-Employment. 


After my career in HR, I began a new journey using Creative Life Coaching for those Job Seekers in London who want to become Self-Employed and regain control over their life. We used Creativity to look into business with new eyes.

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When your differences make no difference!

The Love book has been created using just images. A choice that aims to open a conversation between kids and grownups, where both parties can discuss what is happening in the scene and learn other points of views.


You will be surprised to discover how much your kid knows about Love, and maybe you will learn something useful for your love life. Children have the power to make things simple. Sometimes simplicity is the answer when you are in love or looking for it.

Self - Published. Limited Edition - Not available for purchase.