Creative Coaching 

One to One Session (available online)

Explore Creativity to build a new personal vision that will provide an appropriate mental space where particular thoughts can be revisited and a more constructive narrative can be built to help strengthen confidence. 


Explore your perception with Art as a medium will help you to get out of the "comfort zone" and develop awareness of your intuitive nature to find the balance needed to create a new reality. 


Re-discover your creative nature to embrace a new lifestyle and a more rewarding life.


(min 5 and max 15 people) 

Providing a confidential space, a constructive inclusive environment and a re-creative atmosphere where skills can be learned without pressure and competition encourage groups to build shared visions and increase their performance individually and collectively. 


Considering carefully the complexities of the group, I design and facilitate workshops to create a re-creative moment where learners can explore concepts and ideas commonly shared and learning from each other how reality can be observed from different angles.