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Depression doesn't mean sadness, but  losing meanings. 

We would like to create narratives to explore humanity from an emotional, psychological and spiritual perspective, trying to facilitate people on reconnecting with the Divine Nature of what it means to be Human. The Narratives are created to promote inclusiveness, following the example of Save Soil, we are on a journey for a sustainable, joyful and peaceful world. 



The journey to be me...
Written & Directed by Laura Colamonaco

Egoland is a hybrid theatre play that mixes theatre, dance & poetry. 


The story is a journey into the Psyche of a woman that uses psychomagic symbols to examine her experience with codependency and abusive relationships. Each character represents inner images internalised in oneself that question the nature of love and what love means for each of them.


Voice Actor

Five Dancers 

Two Actors

Other roles for production: If you are a Theatre Makers who want make the difference, get in touch!

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