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Whatever you want to decorate your home or commercial space, I will work with you to choose the vibe needed to refresh it. I can help you with the design and budget for your project, selecting sustainable solutions that will not impact the environment or your health. Specialised in wall painting, wallpapering, wood staining, and faux finishing, I guarantee the realisation and optimisation of your space by completing the work within a reasonable time.

(SouthLanes Studios - Brighton, UK)


Scenic Art creates poetry in space, the ability to make a narrative using surfaces as the only expression of the dramatic encounter with the room itself. Behind colours and techniques, a space vibrates with the emotions and feelings of those living there. Create a dream-like space that can transcend the traditional idea of interior design. Passionate about faux finishing painting, I am also accomplished in decoupage techniques, up-cycling furniture and three-dimensional skills such as sculpting, draping and textile manipulation.​

( Faux Painting : Marble Effect )​​


The primary objectives of sustainability are to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimise waste, and create healthy, productive environments. In partnership with my clients, from Stage to Interior Design, I optimise space to function at its full potential. I also enjoy researching innovative ideas that deliver stunning results and revamping second hand furniture. 

(New Venture Theatre - 'Bed Farce' 2023)


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