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Learning & Coaching: two sides of the same coin

From 2016 to 2018, I have collaborated with Westminster Kingsway College to support poeple in long term unemployment to get back into work. At the end of the project, they got in touch with those learners who completed the workshop in my classes, to monitor their progression, and we discovered that 40% of my learners get a job or started an independent project, within 3 months after the programme ended. One learner after 18 years of unemployment was able to find a part-time role in Security and another become a Self-Employed Interpreter after 10 years of unemployment.


Many people gave me great feedback about my creative coaching approach, but Elizabeth Campbell is a writer who decided to frame the moment with this beautiful poem. I would like to thanks Elizabeth and the group for the fantastic gift. Also a big thanks to all my learners, who give me every day the possibility to grow personally and professionally. Thank you to open your heart and my mind!