A Creative mind knows that if there is a problem there is always a solution.

We are all on a journey to become a better version of ourselves and Life offers the opportunity to learn a lesson everyday for personal development. The Human Nature is fragile. It takes time and practice to understand the great gift that we have received from Mother Nature: the power of being Creators ourselves, the ability to imagine something and make it to become a reality. 

Through a diverse range of possibilities Mother Nature gave humans the ability to express their inner spirits with languages and artistic languages, everybody is the creator of reality.

Art is a spontaneous process that helps to balance the emotional narrative and developing artistic skills means learning to find a way toward peace. It means learning about feelings and emotions that are an important engine of humanity.

Art is a sacred way to communicate with the unconscious, the most ancient psychological healers were Artists, probably better known as Shamans. There is a fine line between imagination and reality and I am walking on that line with a dream in my hands:

To have a peaceful world we need to start with the Self.