Life is a Creative energy. Being Creative means be able to look at Life with curiosity, be able to ask questions and think constructively. Nurture creativity means nurture the joy of being alive, every Human Being possess Imagination, however no everybody is aware of it. For me the Creative Process can be used as symbolic tool to deep dive into imagination and re-train the internal Narrative, in order to develop awareness and constructive thinking to get a better sense of Life. My Art practice aims on helping myself and others to become harmonious, resilient and ready to face challenges that Life is giving to us.


A Creative mind knows that if there is a problem there is always a solution.

We are all on a journey to become a better version of ourselves and Life offers the opportunity to learn a lesson everyday for personal development. The Human Nature is fragile. It takes time and practice to understand the great gift that we have received from Mother Nature: the power of being Creators ourselves, the ability to imagine something and make it to become a reality. 

My dream is to find ways to help people liberating the "Artist" within themselves and learn from each other how to feed Life in harmony with the Self and the Cosmos.

Through a diverse range of possibilities Mother Nature gave humans the ability to express their inner spirits with languages and artistic languages, everybody is the creator of reality. Equality and Diversity are fundamental values for the existence of our specie, because the Creative Process become alive when people are equally mixing, when everybody can bring on the table diverse range of experiences and ideas. Art is a spontaneous process that helps Artists to find balance within themselves and developing artistic skills means learning to find a way toward peace.

To have a peaceful world we need to start within the Self.